14 November 2017

Touch Rugby!

Many of the students from Room 5 are involved in touch rugby on Thursday afternoons at Victoria Park. Already they are playing extremely well, showing off some great skills and talent and having a wonderful time! It is always so exciting to see our students displaying such awesome sportsmanship and enjoyment for the game! Keep going guys and gals!

Thanks for the awesome photos KB and DS!

The Hunger Games -what we think so far.

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13 November 2017

Small Ball Skills

We finally got started on our small ball skills learning today. We started off by doing a fair bit of throwing and catching, and hitting targets. Check out our skills so far, including a few dropsies!

Sixtus Lodge - 2017

WOW! What an awesome, exciting, fun filled week Room 5 had at Sixtus Lodge!

We were very fortunate to have great weather most of the week and we managed to get out and do and see all the wonderful things the area has to offer! The students of Room 5 were awesome, and there were so many laughs and smiles shared. We all managed to gain new experiences, achieve goals and support each other to have success in many different areas of camp life! Thanks to the parents who helped us out on this camp and made it all possible- you were all fantastic!

On Monday when we arrived, we unpacked, settled in and went exploring down by the stream behind the lodge. This is where we discovered grass that whistles. At the stream we played, making dams and rock towers, and also having boat races. On Monday night we learnt about how good camp food is with a delicious shepherd’s pie with fruit and ice-cream for dessert. After dessert we played games and visited the glow worms cave. What a highlight this was –the glow worms were amazing –so bright and beautiful!

On Tuesday we adventured on the biggest hike of the trip where we were all challenged and pushed outside our comfort zones. Whilst the walk was a long way, we had beautiful weather and saw some amazing sights!

Wednesday brought some not so settled weather in the morning which meant we played funny games and completed challenges indoors. With a yummy lunch of Mac and Cheese came the sun allowing us to head out and do the glow worm cave walk. For some this was their favourite part of the trip and for others not so much! This walk was very surreal and an experience of a life time for so many! The water was freezing and we had to keep moving but the climbing and trudging kept us in good spirits!

Thursday brought a different adventure again –the Alice Nash Memorial Lodge/Oroua River walk. We got to cross the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and hear many stories (some true and some not so true) about its existence. At the river we created awesome rock towers (well done Rhianna -27 rocks high!), completed some fantastic sketches, had target practice and made camp fires for cooking marshmallows. This was great fun, and for many students this was a new experience. The marshmallows sure were a yummy treat, too!  On Thursday night, we had a show where we all shared our hilarious skits.  This was entertaining to say the least and was certainly an awesome way to wrap up our time at Sixtus Lodge!

There were so many awesome moments and experiences at Sixtus Lodge and a camp we will be sure to remember!

02 November 2017

How easy is it to get lost? Camp Preparation!

In preparation for camp, today we looked at bush safety and the reality of just how easy is is to get lost if you do not have experience and do not follow some simple rules. 
After watching this video, we worked in groups to answer some questions about bush safety. They were:
  1. what should we do to prepare for a bush walk?
  2. what should we do when we are on a bush walk?
  3. what should we do if we get lost in the bush?
  4. what mistakes did the man in the video make?
Here's what we came up with! We now know how to keep safe in the bush!

Sunny Mornings!

It is always such a pleasant sight looking out from our classroom in the mornings, before school, and seeing many of Room 5 girls 'hanging around' together, laughing, smiling and enjoying each others company! I looked out this morning and thought... 'what a kodak moment!'

01 November 2017

Hunger Games Quick Writes!

This term, we have begun reading The Hunger Games as our shared class novel. We are enjoying it so far!
This week we did a quick write about Reaping Day from Katniss Everdeen's perspective. Here are some examples:

Week 3 Wonderful Wednesday

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31 October 2017

Cross Country 2017

Wow what a day Friday was for our annual cross country! The sun came out and was a beautiful day. The track was in great shape -hills were still steep and there was still mud in the bog. It was just the way we like it! We all ran our absolute hardest and put in the very best effort we could.
It was awesome to see so many of our parents and families there to support us! We really appreciate you all coming to cheer us on! To the teachers on the course -thank you for your support and for encouraging us to keep going and push ourselves!

Well done to everyone for doing your best and a special high five to all those students who managed to get placings!

We are all super proud of ourselves! Check out some of our pictures -the facials are especially awesome!

25 October 2017

Pet Day!

What a wonderful day it was! Pet day was again a hit this year with a wide range of beautiful pets! The students have done so well preparing, organising and looking after their pets for this big day and they are all so very proud of their pets. It is always so exciting to see the bonds students have built with their pets and how much they truly care for them! A big thanks to parents who supported their children in bringing along a pet to pet day!

William brought along his drone to pet day and got some pretty awesome footage! Thanks William! Video edited by Miss Simpson! Thank-you

Week 2 Wodnerful Wonders!

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