21 March 2017

Gala Fun!

Well, what a day it was! This year's gala was absolutely outstanding. There was so much fun to be had, amazing performances and we sold lots of great things: waffles, food,  photo booth pictures, plants, rides, second hand and new goods and the list could go on! We really are lucky to have such an awesome supportive community surrounding us that are more than willing to lend a hand or support the school and our children! Thank you to absolutely everyone that made this day possible and got in and helped out. I know the children of Halcombe School really appreciate it and had an fantastic day! Check out some of the great snaps of our day!


  1. You must of had fun room 5

  2. The gymnastic people were cool

  3. The gala was so fun. I wich we could do it again and again.

  4. Thanks teachers we all had lots of fun.

  5. The Gala day was a blast! I look really weird in that photo though.

    1. Yes you do Jessie! Honestly, I would've thought you got first place. Oh well....